Accelerate Church has been the seed in the hearts of Senior Pastors Slabbert and Anna-Marie Pretorius for over two years. Once a mere God-dream, Accelerate Church is now the reality of a local ministry having a global impact, devoted to reaching all people for Jesus.

Mission Statement

To be a Christ centered, Spirit led, Caring, Faith Community after the Fathers own heart, that builds lives and equips people for their God ordained role in life.

Our Vision

To to be a leading Biblical ministry equipping people for their God ordained role in life.


Christ is the reason of it all. We are Jesus people to the core; He was before all, is in all, and holds all things together. Through Him, every aspect of our life is affected and we are now new creations, spiritually transformed into His righteousness. We are freed people, living to share with others what has happened in us.


We are called to care, motived by love. This is not a self-serving love, but one that reflects the life of Christ – sacrificial and serving through a life laid down. We care because we were first cared for, from a kindness that leads us straight to God. Caring is not passive in its ways, but it is proactive in seeking out those to serve and to love.


We believe that life is better when we live it together. We welcome any and all into our church family regardless of their background, past or present condition. People do not have to act a certain way to be accepted here, they are simply given an opportunity to belong. Church goes beyond the building;


We are currently building our leadership and volunteer teams as we build the church. Because of this, we are offering a great way to use your gifts and talents to become more involved in our community. Our desire is to see you empowered in whatever area you are passionate and gifted in.

We are a ministry unit of Accelerate Educational Ministries, an international ministry dedicated to reaching the world through education.