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Lifegroups are the heartbeat of Accelerate Church.

This is where you can be connected, nurtured, cared for. It is in Lifegroups that people can discover and learn to use their giftings, and be equipped for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12-16). Here at Accelerate, everyone that's part of a Lifegroup is equipped through our discipling process to serve God effectively, minister to each other’s needs, and take care of new Christians. Lifegroups provide incredible opportunities for growth and maturity in the Lord, and through the Word, attendees become effective disciples for God's Kingdom.

We have Lifegroups for every demo graph and season of life. If you would like to join or start a Lifegroup of your own, we'd love to connect and help you get started.

Sheryll & Ray Pedroja (Campus Pastors)
0418163347 / 0412743743

8-12 Business Drive | Narangba, Brisbane