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Introducing the new Accelerate Church Website!

Welcome to the new and improved Accelerate Church website!

The focus of this project was to make the website look better, act better, and perform better. Above all, the goal was to keep everyone - attending and not yet attending - aware of what's happening at our church. In doing this, we have noticed a growth in our numbers. Both in-house, and online.

Firstly, the improvements in SEO have helped people looking for a new church home find their way. Secondly,  pages like the new Livestream page has made church accessible for those who can't attend. Additionally, this comfortably helps those who want to check us out before making the trip.

As well just the visual improvements, some notable additions are...

Livestream Section

The Livestream is now hosted directly on the website. Go to the Livestream page to get started.

Updates Section

Check out the new Updates page to see everything that's going on week-to-week.

New Volunteer Hub

Here at Accelerate Church, we love giving people the chance to develop their God Given gifts and talents. Visit the new Team section today to see how you can serve.

This particular site overhaul has been just one of many.

To learn more about the greater ministry, you can visit

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