Shane Willard

Shane is from Charleston, SC (USA), and has been in full-time ministry for over 20 years. He began working in full-time ministry as a youth pastor of a small church. Since that time, Shane has held multiple pastoral positions at various sized churches. Shane now ministers full time in America, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. With degrees in both clinical psychology and theology, Shane is known for being an informative, brilliant and humorous communicator.

Shane is mentored by a pastor with rabbinical training, and teaches the context of the Scriptures from a Hebraic perspective. This perspective helps people to see God's Word in a completely new way and leads them into a more intimate relationship with the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Shane Willard Ministries


Rev Prof Jacqueline Grey - Biographical Information (BRIEF)

Dr Jacqui Grey serves as Dean of Theology and Professor of Biblical Studies at Alphacrucis College in Australia, the national college of the Australian Christian Churches (ACC).  Jacqui has been a lecturer for almost 20 years and written several books, including Them, Us & Me: How the Old Testament Speaks to People Today. She has also served as a Field Worker with ACCI in Turkey. 

Alpha Crusis College



Robert Bakss

After completing a law degree and pursuing a career in law, God called Robert Bakss to the ministry in 1988. Pastor Bakss, who accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Saviour in 1979 at a Billy Graham crusade in Sydney, Australia, often states God called him from “man’s law to God’s law”! He is currently the Senior Pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia and has been there since 1993. He founded Lighthouse Christian School in 1994 which currently has an enrolment of 320 students. His influence throughout churches in Australia, the South Pacific, parts of Asia and India has increased as he conducts ministry training, Bible conferences and also speaks on Mental Health issues. 

Dr. Bakss is the author of the mental health book “What to do when Panic Attacks – Biblical advice for overcoming anxiety” and has co-authored a book with his wife Jenny titled “Poles Apart – a Christian couple gives Bipolar a voice.” He has also written, “Worship Wars – What the Bible says about Worship Music”. 

He and his wife have five children, four of whom are now married, they have been blessed with nine grandchildren.

Lighthouse Baptise Church



Paul Smith

Paul 'Skip' Smith has been ministering for nearly 30 years in almost every aspect of Kingdom life. From worship to missions, children to seniors, radio to senior pastor (yes, and even women's ministry), he is a prophetic trainer and creative equipper of the Body of Christ who loves to see the power and presence of God manifest. He currently works for Alpha Australia, is married to Leah and they have three children, Isaac, Sophie and Josiah.



Slabbert Pretorius – LTh, BA, BTh Hons, TAE4, MACE, MACEL

Slabbert is a third generation missionary, striving to lead as many people as possible to self-fulfillment in Jesus Christ. He sees Biblical Worldview Education as an integral part of bringing believers, young and old, to spiritual maturity. He believes that going to the nations to establish and support Christian schools and educational institutions is essential for true Biblical discipleship. He has a desire for Accelerate Educational Ministries and SCEE to minister and serve every client, church, pastor, teacher, and student until they come unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Every believer needs to understand God’s paths and purposes, His plans and patterns, and our full potential as children of the most High God.

He was called to the full-time ministry in 1979. He began his ministry career as a Youth Pastor in his local church. He received his LTh through Berea Theological College, and in 1983, he was served as an operational chaplain in the military for almost three years. He also served as Chairman of the South African National Executive Youth Council for 11 years, and chaired an Interdenominational church forum for a number of years. He is a Church Growth consultant and assisted in planting a large number of Churches in Southern Africa.

Slabbert was appointed by his denomination to assess A.C.E. in the early eighties, and followed the progress and growth of this ministry with great interest. He used his business skills to turn around a faltering school, and later served as Senior Administrator and Principal of Vine Christian School, a school using the A.C.E. program in the Southern Cape.

In 2011, Slabbert joined the ministry of Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (SCEE) as the Chief Operational Officer, and his responsibilities were to serve as visionary leader and lead the ministry into the future. He is currently the chairman of the Board and the CEO of Accelerate Educational Ministries (AEM) in the South Pacific/Indonesian region, an organization providing ministry support, training, and educational materials to churches and schools in this region. He has started a local church as part of this ministry and is working towards mustering support of a 1000 churches to assist in starting a 1000 bush schools in remote villages in the region.

He was married to Anna-Marie for 37 years before she passed away in 2019, and has two lovely daughters; Marcelle, a qualified pastor and business woman, and Charlize, an A.C.E. graduate and head of a Accelerate Academy, a music and arts training institute. Recently the Lord added Atraù Paul as husband to Marcelle, Trinity Alexis Paul as granddaughter and Joel Nisbet as friend to Charlize.

Accelerate Educational Ministries

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